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Our ERISA attorneys have served clients and referral sources for over 25 years, focusing solely on fighting to obtain ERISA benefits.

Rebuilding Justice


Experienced ERISA Attorneys & Long Term Disability Lawyers

The Martin Law Group has been recognized as a top tier 1 law firm in ERISA litigation in the Birmingham Metro by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers. Senior & Managing Attorney David Martin has also consistently been recognized as a Top Rated Employee Benefits Attorney by Super Lawyers.

ERISA is often used by insurance companies against claimants. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience of all of our experienced ERISA attorneys, and we are comfortable in federal court. We jointly analyze every case on a regular basis in “roundtable” discussions.


Our ERISA disability attorneys and long term disability lawyers are dedicated to providing trusted legal advice and services to ensure that our clients in Alabama, Mississippi, and around the country, receive the benefits they deserve. 

Whether you are looking for a short term disability lawyer, long term disability lawyer, retirement and pension lawyer, or life insurance lawyer, we are here to help you find justice.


Our Strategic Advantage

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We have solely focused on ERISA claims for over 25 years, with our Senior & Managing Attorney David Martin having handled ERISA claims for the entirety of his legal career.

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We have a real heart for those whose benefits have been denied and whose livelihood may be at stake as a result. We counsel our clients with experience but also with compassion for their situation, allowing us to more effectively handle cases for our clients and referral sources.

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We are consistently told that our responsiveness was the main thing clients and referral sources appreciated during our representation. Keeping clients and referral sources updated on the status of their claim every step of the way is very important to the way we practice.

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As compassionate as we are for our clients, we are just as tough on the insurance companies who deny their benefits. Unfortunately, most of the time, insurance companies are unfair in their practices, tearing down justice. We choose to be builders, rebuilding justice one case at a time.

Let Us Rebuild Justice For You.

Our Practice Areas

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Our ERISA attorneys focus solely on ERISA claims because we believe by doing one thing and doing it well, we can better serve our clients and referral sources. 

ERISA may apply to short term disability, long term disability, life insurance, and pension or retirement benefits provided by employee plans, but not to those provided by religious organizations and government organizations.


ERISA has very technical provisions protecting employees’ rights in the areas of long term disability, short term disability, life insurance, pension, retirement, and health benefits. Violations of ERISA are common.


As soon as you encounter trouble seeking ERISA benefits, you should seek the advice of an experienced ERISA attorney. Your rights could be impacted if you delay.​

What Our Clients Say

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ERISA lawyer near me

“My experience with David Martin and The Martin Law group has been outstanding. This firm is extremely well run, professional and they go the extra mile for their clients.”

Heather, Former Client