We’re lucky in the United States to have the disability benefits that we do, even if sometimes they don’t work and people require the help of our disability lawyers in Tuscaloosa to help them fight for their benefits. Many countries have no benefits for disabled workers, leaving families and friends to help support those dealing with a disability or forcing them into homelessness or crime. However, some countries have generous disability benefits that provide monthly income for those who are unable to work. So how do disability benefits pay out in other parts of the world?


Disability benefits pay up to $1,075 per month for those who can continue to work and a maximum of $1792 per month for those who cannot.


Those facing a long-term disability receive a pension equal to 2/3 of what they earned the previous year until retirement age, when they can claim their old-age pension.


Those on disability can get up to $212 per week, though they can receive more if they have children.


The amount of disability received by anyone claiming long-term disability benefits cannot exceed $5,930 per year.

South Africa

Applicants are generally granted just $109 per month for their disability benefits.

Many people around the world struggle to get the benefits they are entitled to when facing a long-term disability. If you’ve been denied benefits on your disability claim, contact our disability lawyers in Tuscaloosa. We can help you fight for the benefits you deserve. Call us or contact us online for a free consultation.