Social security disability insurance is a great program. It offers supplemental income to working adults that have been injured or are suffering from a serious illness. Here are some important facts to educate yourself on the SSDI  process.

More information leads to a higher likelihood of being accepted for SSDI.

As with anything else in life, you will need to state your case. The more reliable information you can provide, the better. You can find a list of what is needed in order to apply for SSDI in the guidebook on disability insurance. This will give you the opportunity to collect as much applicable information as possible before applying.

SSDI does not kick in immediately.

There is a processing period that can take a number of months. According to the Social Security Administration, processing an application can take anywhere from three to five months. Once the request has been approved, you will be notified of the status as well as receive an effective date in which your payments will begin.

SSDI is designed to be a long-term help program.

Social Security Disability Insurance was designed to help those suffering from a long term disability or illness. What qualifies as long term? 12 months or longer is considered long-term, or if your condition is deemed terminal. If your illness or condition is not severe enough to qualify you for SSDI, try contacting the state’s department of labor to see if you are eligible to qualify for temporary disability benefits.

Seek help.

There are many resources available to guide you through the process. To find out how to get started on the application process read the SSDI booklet. For other guidance, look for a patient advocacy group near you.

If your application for SSDI is denied, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer for your appeal. Let the disability lawyers at The Martin Law Group, LLC stand behind you. Our lawyers are highly experienced and trained. They specialize in long term, short term, and social security disability. Contact us today for assistance!