When it comes to the topic of long-term disability, things can get sticky. There is a lot of misrepresentation about policies, and what is fair in regards to payouts. If your long-term disability company is treating you unfairly, call the disability lawyers at The Martin Law Group, LLC. They will go to bat for you!

The Government Will Pay Me Social Security Disability Insurance

Those suffering from long-term disability often make the mistake of thinking that they can rely on the government if they become unable to work. The truth is that it is much harder to qualify for disability than most people think. Qualifying for social security disability insurance is harder to qualify for than some of the top universities. About one third of social security disability insurance claim applications are accepted every year. If you are in the lucky 33% of the applicants who are qualified for the disability insurance you will only receive around $1,300 a month.  You are probably wondering if you have access to workers compensation, unfortunately if your accident or illness was not caused directly by your job, workers compensation will not cover you.

My Work Covers Me For Long-Term Disability Insurance

Less than half of employers offer long-term disability insurance. It is important to find out if this is an option that your current employer offers. In the event that your employer does not offer a long-term disability insurance plan, it is highly recommended that you purchase one on your own. If you have opted to purchase disability insurance, or your company provides it to you, the numbers reflected are generally what the payout would be before taxes. The coverage through a corporation is also usually much more limited than if you were to purchase a policy on your own. Certain policies have limited payout benefit periods, so it is important to get the facts instead of just assuming.

I Can Only Receive Long-Term Disability Insurance Payments If I am Not Working

Many long-term disability insurance policies will pay you out benefits even when you are working. For instance if you work part time, instead of full time because of your disability, they will pay you out the difference.


If you have questions or concerns about if your long-term disability company is treating you fairly, give the disability lawyers at The Martin Law Group, LLC a call! We want to make sure that you are being treated fairly, and will do everything in our power to fight for you when necessary!