Health problems are always an inconvenience, but it is even more inconvenient when your health prevents you from going to work and making money. In instances like this, it is a good idea to apply for social security disability insurance. This is a program that provides long-term financial protection for working adults. There are a lot of steps that go into applying for social security disability insurance and a lot of qualifications to actually be accepted into the program. Let’s look at some common myths that people seem to believe about social security disability insurance.

SSDI will replace most of my work-related income.

This program does not replace all lost income. Social security disability insurance is designed to help you cover your basic living expenses and nothing more. Only a portion of your income will be replaced. In 2015, the average social security disability payment was $1,165 per month.

My doctor says I am disabled, so I am guaranteed qualification for SSDI.

This is a common misconception. Being granted SSDI is not a medical decision; is a legal decision. Your doctor is a great resource for providing credible, detailed information regarding your medical condition, but acceptance is ultimately up to the social security administration.

Once you have been accepted into the SSDI program, you are in for life.

You are not automatically in SSDI for life. Depending on your condition, this may be true but only if your condition remains the same or worsens. The administration will review your condition periodically to ensure that you are still a qualifying candidate.


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