If you have disability insurance and need access to your benefits, then there are a few things you need to remember in order to secure execution of your policy terms. In an ideal world, accessing your disability benefits when you needed them would be straightforward; unfortunately, insurance companies use a number of maneuvers to avoid paying what is owed to you. Review the strategies below to find out some of the things you can do to safeguard your disability benefits.

Have a Lawyer Present

Never underestimate the power of a good lawyer. Having a lawyer with you during any in-person or over-the-phone interviews with the insurance company will help you avoid being manipulated. If your lawyer is present, (s)he can recognize and stop it if the investigator is asking intentionally vague or unfair questions in order to get misleading responses from you. Claims investigators are trained in how to elicit information that might be easily taken out of context, so bring your lawyer, even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly gullible or naive.

Know That You Are Being Watched

The insurance company may hire a private investigator to follow you and document your activities as an attempt to gain evidence to support a denial of your claim. If you spot this person, don’t be intimidated. Ask your lawyer to get a copy of the video so that it can be reviewed for flaws. A private investigator isn’t the only way insurance companies will spy on you. It is important to note what goes on your social media pages. Insurance companies can and will search your social media pages for evidence that you aren’t being truthful about your condition.

Know Your Policy

Knowledge is always your best asset! It’s important that you get to know your policy so that you can pursue the benefits owed to you.

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