You work hard for your money day in and day out to pay the bills and provide the best lifestyle for yourself and your family. You take a smaller paycheck in order to put money away into a 401k savings account, retirement account, or social security account every pay period to build a retirement fund, in hopes of securing your future. Americans put their faith in these accounts for retirement, dreaming of the day that we will no longer have to work and still receive a check in the mail to take care of all of their expenses. We trust in our employers to do right by us because we have worked hard and been loyal employees. Twenty or thirty years ago, loyalty and hard work were enough to ensure your retirement package for you and your spouse; unfortunately, that is no longer the case. As we know from experience at The Martin Law Group, you need to look out for the unexpected when it comes to your retirement. Do you believe that your retirement funds are safe?


Thousands of retirees have found out that their once untouchable benefit checks could be cut. Pension plans are being proposed to be cut by the Central States Pension Fund. This could leave your retirement accounts compromised. Fight to protect your retirement, whether that means moving funds where allowed or hiring a lawyer to reclaim the retirement funds that you have paid into for the last fifty years of your career. You have the right to your retirement and the money that you have been contributing for the past few decades. Keep or get back what is rightfully yours with the help of your local Tuscaloosa ERISA case lawyers.


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