Millions of people apply every year to get on disability. In 2015, over 2,000,000 people applied for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Of those applicants, more than 70% of them were initially denied. That means less than one-third of the applications to the Social Security Administration were accepted on their first attempt to get the disability benefits they’ve been paying into for their entire working lives. Our ERISA layer in Tuscaloosa has worked with many of these people to try and help them get the benefits they deserve.

You Aren’t Alone

While this statistic is shocking, it does show you that if you’ve been denied for benefits yourself, you aren’t alone. Over a million Americans were denied last year alone. For the majority of these applicants, their benefits were denied for simple reasons. Maybe they didn’t have enough proof on their application, they earned too much money last year, or you didn’t follow your doctor’s orders. Whatever the reason, don’t panic when you get a rejection letter. Take comfort in knowing that millions of others have received that same letter and have gone on to fight to get their benefits.

Get the Right Representation

Being denied for the benefits you so desperately need can be a devastating experience. It can leave you feeling scared, alone, and anxious about how you’ll be able to provide your for yourself in the future. The important thing to do is hire an ERISA lawyer such as The Martin Law Group, LLC in Tuscaloosa to get the help that you need to fight a denial. We offer free consultations on your case, so call us or contact us online to get started and get the help you need to appeal your denial of benefits.