Take advantage of the medical benefits you are owed through ERISA or other retirement, health and life policies. First, it’s important to connect with The Martin Law Group’s professional ERISA lawyers to start filing a claim for your benefits. It’s the difference between receiving the funding you need to thrive during retirement or disability or suffering through on a strict budget.

If you are receiving health benefits or disability benefits through a private sector (rather than through your employer) ERISA can help you. ERISA ensures that your health and medical benefits are written according to laws that protect you. It gives you the right to knowledge about your plan including the responsibilities of the fiduciary, explanation of benefits, and what is considered a breach of fiduciary duty.

Many folks worked hard to earn medical benefits in retirement. You deserve proper access to these benefits. The creation of ERISA in 1974 made it easier for people to hold insurance companies and employers responsible for their promises. The Martin Law Group is here to help you hold those people accountable when they try and skirt around the ERISA medical benefit laws.

The Martin Law Group will help you file a medical benefit claim in accordance with proper rights stated in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. We know you earned your benefits, and you deserve the right access. Call The Martin Law Group in Tuscaloosa, AL today at 877-290-2812 for answers to your questions, or visit us here to schedule your free consultation. We serve the entirety of Alabama and Mississippi.