Independent Medical Evaluation

An integral part of a long-term disability claim is an independent medical evaluation. The disability insurance carrier can request this independent medical evaluation. It stands to reason that there is an inherent conflict of interest at work here when insurance carriers can choose their own recommended doctors to help determine whether you are eligible for benefits.

Naturally, the insurance company’s goal is to limit pay out of benefits whenever possible. For this reason, we question the usefulness of this type of “independent” medical evaluation. Obviously, doctors handpicked by the insurance carrier are likely to be those who most often support their goals of limiting pay out of benefits.

For this reason, The Martin Law Group, LLC ERISA Case Lawyers, keeps a database of medical doctors and their track record with independent medical evaluations. We also keep a database of health care professionals who perform peer reviews of independent medical evaluations (IMEs). Does the doctor who will perform the review of your medical evaluation have a reputation for honesty and fairness? Or does he most often support the insurer’s position?

Ask a Montgomery employee benefits attorney at our Alabama-based law firm about the role of the IME in your claim for disability benefits. A review of your medical evaluation can direct your next steps toward appeal. Learn how we can apply our knowledge in this area to strengthen your appeal if your claim for disability benefits is denied.

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