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Life insurance is a common benefit of employment. As a result, it may be covered by ERISA. The policies may cover all causes of death and may even cover a spouse or child. Though claims under such policies would appear straightforward, they are regularly denied. 

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Can life insurance be denied?

Yes, life insurance claims are regularly denied. Insurance companies will use all kinds of tactics to deny the claim.

Life insurance cases are very challenging when ERISA applies. They have a very short appeal time frame, usually only 60 days from the date the claim denial is received. You have to know what to do right away to gather the evidence needed. Having “been there” many times before greatly helps.


If you have an ERISA life insurance claim, put our experience to work for you. Our life insurance attorneys can help you evaluate and document your claim. An attorney’s review of a life insurance claim can make a big difference. We can also file appeals after a claim is denied.


Have you experienced any of the following tactics?

  • The insurance company denied benefits because it claims that the cause of death is not covered by the policy because of an exclusion (e.g. suicide, mental illness, declared war or injuries resulting thereof or accidental injury caused by illness rather than solely injury).


  • The insurance company denied benefits because it claims that a premium was paid late or that a premium payment was missed. This assertion can be difficult for an employee to challenge when payment of the premiums for the life insurance policy were supposed to be handled by the employer through payroll deductions.


  • The insurance company may delay payment on a life insurance claim even when there is little or no room for doubt. The company may buy extra time by using “deny, delay, defend” tactics.


  • The insurance company may deny a claim for life insurance benefits claiming that an accidental death was actually caused by a pre-existing condition. For example, after a fatal car accident, a life insurance company may claim to have proof of some medical condition that could have contributed to the cause of the crash.

How long do I have to pursue a life insurance claim?

Life insurance policies have time limits for making claims. Sometimes the time limits may be as short as 60 days. If the claim is denied, there will likely be another time limit to appeal that denial. That time limit can be as little as 60 days as well. And that appeal process has to be followed before a lawsuit can be filed.

You should allow an experienced ERISA attorney to assist you, so that you do not miss these critical deadlines.

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Our attorneys advise and represent clients who have life insurance claims, usually through employment benefit policies. If you have a question about any life insurance benefits, an insurance attorney can evaluate your case and give knowledgeable legal opinions. Have a copy of your summary plan description with you when you consult with one of our lawyers.


Our life insurance lawyers can help you evaluate and document your claim. A life insurance attorney’s review of a life insurance claim can make a big difference. We can also file appeals after a life insurance claim is denied.

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