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The Martin Law Group is dedicated to being your go-to ERISA disability attorneys and long-term disability lawyers in Alabama and Mississippi. Whether you are pursuing a long-term disability claim, life insurance benefits, or your pension or retirement benefits, we will meet with you face-to-face to discuss your claim at a location convenient for you. 


In an effort to make disability claims as easy as possible, we offer a free initial consultation. We often work with clients in Huntsville, Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, Dothan, Tuscaloosa, and Florence, in Alabama, as well as with clients in Columbus, Meridian, Jackson, Hattiesburg, Tupelo, and Gulfport, Mississippi, and surrounding areas.

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Long-Term Disability

Long Term Disability Lawyers

long term disability lawyer mississippi

You may apply for long-term disability benefits based upon a number of medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, anxiety, depression, lung cancer, degenerative disc disease, or Parkinson's disease. But insurance companies regularly challenge claims arguing that they are not long-term or otherwise don’t qualify. See a full list of the disabling conditions for which our long term disability attorneys can help you pursue long-term disability benefits.

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If a lawsuit must be filed to pursue your rights under a long-term disability policy, the judge will review your claim record. It should be properly completed before your lawsuit is filed. Read more about why you should consult an experienced long term disability lawyers as soon as possible to maximize your chances for a successful lawsuit or appeal.

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An integral part of a long-term disability claim is an independent medical evaluation. Disability insurance companies can request an independent medical evaluation and often choose their own “independent” doctors to determine whether you are eligible for benefits. Read more about how our Alabama long-term disability lawyers deal with these tactics.

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Even if you win your appeal after your long-term disability benefit claim is initially denied, the battle may not be over. Your insurance company may attempt to reduce what is owed to you by offering a settlement or buyout. Read more about how our long-term disabiilty attorneys can help you evaluate such offers.

You should speak with a long-term disability attorney before agreeing to undergo a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) as part of your claim process. Read more about why you should not agree to an FCE before consulting one of our lawyers.

Many employees believe that they will automatically be covered by disability insurance policies.  But, many who qualify for benefits discover that insurance companies do not readily make good on their policies.

Is Your Safety Net Really Safe?

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, been injured in a car accident or fallen ill with a long-term or even terminal disease, you may qualify for long-term disability insurance benefits. Obtaining those benefits is not easy. Too often ERISA is used against employees.


You may have already applied for long-term disability benefits. The insurance company may be putting up roadblocks. You need an experienced long term disability lawyer to enforce your rights under the policy and under the law.​

Call one of our experienced Alabama disability lawyers today for help with your disability claim for long term disability benefits.

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long term disability lawyer alabama

If you qualify for long-term disability benefits, you may also qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Most long-term disability policies take effect when you are unable to work for six months or more. Social Security Disability benefits apply when you are unable to work for a year or more. Our experienced long-term disability lawyers can help you pursue Social Security disability benefits. Read more about how we can assist you in pursuing Social Security Disability benefits.