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Considering that pensions and retirement funds managed by employers are a chief benefit of employment, they fall under the provisions of ERISA. Pension and retirement funds are typically structured to provide monthly income after retirement. Other plans pay out retirement benefits in lump sum payments. Special provisions of pensions and retirement funds include the continuation of retirement payments to a spouse after the insured person has died.

If you have difficulty with your Alabama or Mississippi pension or retirement claim, you should discuss it with an ERISA lawyer as soon as possible. The Martin Law Group, LLC ERISA Case Lawyers, primarily serves people throughout Huntsville, Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, Dothan, and Florence, in Alabama, as well as those in Columbus, Meridian, Jackson, Hattiesburg, Tupelo, and Gulfport, Mississippi. We provide ERISA attorney services throughout much of the southeastern United States.

Retirement Benefits

ERISA-governed benefit claims include a variety of financial instruments such as:

  • Pensions
  • Retirement funds such as 401(k) savings accounts
  • Stocks and bonds

Watch Out for the Unexpected in Retirement · Have Your Accounts Reviewed by an Attorney

Many Americans count on these sources and pension benefits, along with Social Security, to fund their retirements.

Do you believe your retirement funds are safe — especially after you have begun to receive monthly or quarterly payments from those funds? You may want to take, as a precautionary tale, a recent case known as Price v. Board of Trustees of Indiana Labor Pension Fund, 2011 Westlaw 93043 (6th Cir. 2011).

The court found that it was permissible for a pension plan to “yank” disability benefits from the disabled pension recipient because the benefits were related to a pension disability benefit and not to the normal retirement or early retirement benefit.

The Martin Law Group, LLC ERISA Case Lawyers, finds it astounding that this employee could begin receiving disability benefits in 1990 and have the benefits taken away in 2006 on a whim by the plan administrator. This is a great instance of how we can help you with your disability claim.

At the same time, this case reminds us of why it is so important for employees to obtain a copy of the summary plan description to the relevant retirement benefits early on in their career and especially before retiring. We urge our clients to read the summary plan description very carefully and attempt to understand all terms and entitlement to benefits. If there are questions ask to see all plan documents.

Do you need help understanding and applying for Alabama or Mississippi retirement benefits? Attorneys of The Martin Law Group, LLC ERISA Case Lawyers, can advise you. We travel to many communities throughout Alabama and Mississippi.

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