Social Security Disability Lawyer for Alabama and Mississippi

If you qualify for long-term disability insurance benefits, you may also qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Most long-term disability policies go into effect when you are unable to work for six months or more. Social Security Disability benefits apply when you are unable to work for a year or more.

The Martin Law Group, LLC ERISA Case Lawyers are prepared to advise and assist clients regarding all aspects of a disability claim. Sometimes this means helping our clients apply for Social Security Disability benefits or appealing denials of Social Security Disability claims.

In other cases, it may mean helping our clients to undo the harm done by other law firms, which may have been referred by long-term disability carriers to handle the Social Security Disability aspect of a case. Sometimes such SSI lawyers get waivers from the long-term disability insurance carrier, giving that carrier detailed information about the Social Security Disability case in the process. Then when Social Security Disability payments commence, the law firm in question plays a direct role in diverting Social Security Disability offsets from every disability payment.

We have successfully recovered money that was improperly and unethically diverted in such a manner for many clients. The moral of the story, as we tell our clients, is to make sure that SSI disability lawyers that you work with on your long-term disability claim or on your SSD claim is working for you — not for an insurer with an obvious conflict of interest.

Long Term Disability Claims throughout Alabama and Mississippi · Protect Social Security Income · Attorneys Offer Free Consultations

Prevent complications and trouble in your Social Security Disability and long-term disability claim and/or appeal. Talk to an attorney of your own choosing. The Martin Law Group, LLC ERISA Case Lawyers, offers free initial consultations. Our Social Security Disability attorneys do not work for long-term care insurance companies. Rather, we represent individuals seeking long-term care benefits. Count on our SSD lawyers if you reside in Huntsville, Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, Dothan, and Florence, here in Alabama, or Columbus, Meridian, Jackson, Hattiesburg, Tupelo, and Gulfport in Mississippi. We also provide SSD law services for folks residing in several other cities throughout the southeastern United States.